Lose Weight... Or Get Paid $100!

The world's first customized fat loss program with text message reminders so you can lose weight, without having to think about it! I'm so sure this set it and forget it weight loss system will be unlike anything you have ever tried before, that if you follow the program and don't lose half of your body fat, I'll pay you $100!

  • Jason Soares

    Professional MMA Fighter
    World Grappling Champion
    Ninja Warrior Finalist

    Jason is all about getting results as fast as possible... Jason is currently booked at $300 per hour for private training. Thats why he created this virtual results coaching. These text messages are like having Jason as your results coach 24/7. Telling you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how and when to workout... All tailored around your personal goals and schedule.

  • No Thinking Required!

    Don't try to mess with the program! Just do what the texts say, and you'll lose weight I gurantee it!

  • We'll Track Your Progress For You.

    You can send us a pic of where you are each week and well put it in your custom members area. You'll see your weight drop. Or your muscle gain... all based on your fitness goals.

    Fat Loss I'll show you how to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day and still lose fat!
    Muscle Gain You'll get my best secrets to put on muscle while wtill burning fat.
    Speed Lightning quick transformations!
    Athleticism Sport specific workouts and nutrition progams so you get the edge over your competition.
  • You Can Still Enjoy Food

    Automatic Sixpack features a long list of “safe foods” that you can literally eat as much of as you like.

    There are even “Fat Burning Foods” that increase your fat-burning metabolism and encourage fat loss. You actually lose weight BY EATING - not by starving!

    The reason is because starving releases hormones which actually causes you to store fat. You’re body goes into survival mode and begins to hold on fat.

  • No “One Fits All” Weight Loss Program Can Really Work - Let Us Design One That’s Right For You.

    Finally, there is a sensible, honest and highly effective approach to fat loss AND muscle gain...

    Our program is customized for you.

    No prepackaged meals or supplements…

    You’ll be eating real food from the grocery store and even eating out in restaurants for half or more of your meals, and does NOT involve, complicated counting or recordkeeping, or extremely intense workouts that tear up your knees and back..

    We’ll work together to achieve your goals.

Choose Your Level

Fast Fat Loss - Advanced techniques to lose fat fast.

Ultra Accelerated Fat Loss - Have more than 3 hours per week? This will give you an accelerated body transformation.

Elite Athlete - Intense workouts, custom tailored nutrition program for fast recovery.


Success Stories

Alex Malave - Computer Programmer

These texts made it so easy to lose weight. I just did what they told me to do.

  • I lost 22 lbs of fat.
  • I actually saved money on food during this progam.
  • I still ate out about 30% of my meals.
  • I had a herniated disc, so I couldn't do intense exercise.


I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty lazy! These texts are a lifesaver!

  • Told me exactly what to do.
  • Any questions I had, I got a response quick.
  • I had a lot of doubts, but damn this was easy!


I gained a bunch of weight after the birth of my son! These text messages are the only reason I'm not overweight right now.

  • Reall simple to do, just filled in the form once, and then the rest was automated.